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"For the record, I don’t have any huge opinions on Williamson as a writer; my main familiarity with his work is from this story."

There was one other interesting controversy with K Williamson. At some point, I think at NR, he wrote a piece about small towns that basically concluded "good riddance, let them die." It was a right/libertarian learn to code paean that lost him a lot of fans on the cultural conservative right.

Back when I was still reading print copes of NR, I did like him as a writer, though.

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"So it was that TA’s only sorta-conservative wrote an article where he explained that while Williamson’s views were clearly repulsive and had no place in public discourse, he opposed them on the basis of a narrow principle he totally understands most people don’t hold:"

In this paragraph, what is the "them" he opposes? The firing, or the views on abortion/capital punishment?

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I liked The Atlantic for a time, and stopped reading after MSM all got TDS. (No, I stopped reading after I got over my TDS ~2017(8)?) I heard about the K. Williamson thing, 'cause I was still reading National Review, I never read Conor F.'s opinion piece on the matter. Reading what you wrote it sounds like he found a narrow path through his workplace and free speech. I think you should give C.F. a bit of a break. To come out too strong is to lose his job. He may make up all sorts of reasons in his mind for this. I kinda feel the same way about Neil Young dissing on Joe Rogan. I think Neil is wrong, but I want to give him a break because he is in his own 'liberal bubble' and doesn't know better. (of course I could be totally wrong.) I've stopped reading MSM, I get my news from ACX, Lex Fridman podcast, and other random blogs on substack.) (Well and my co-workers. I'm MSM adjacent. :^ ) I'm libertarian left, and find most in common with the libertarian right.

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Totally agree about the way The Atlantic has suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome. It may well be that the true legacy of Trump is a permanent breaking of long-lasting institutions.

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