I can't like it because I'm not a paid subscriber, so you should know I liked it.

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> Imagine thinking this - that your reader is so committed to slogging through your impenetrable horror of pinky-out tea-drinker writing that they are both willing and happy to stop reading, open a dictionary, and find the definition of some college-word you learned so you could think you were winning at parties back before people stopped inviting you to them.

You mean, imagine being Mencius Moldbug with three zillion readers, a cult following, and your own wikipedia article?

Ultimately it just comes down to the readers you want to attract. You have a good strategy: write for your market, and readers will sort themselves out. I'm a case in point, here. I vastly prefer Lovecraft over Strunk & White, and your own blog feels a bit bread-and-buttery for my taste - check out my own articles and you'll see what I mean.

No need to to win 'em all to have a successful blog, RC!

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This advice reminds me of my first music theory course, back in eigth grade. That's where I learnt that it's important to know the rules for composing music - not in order to follow them, but in order to be aware of when you're breaking them.

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