I got an ending, and I disagree with it entirely. I think I'm bouncing off of this project, but I want to give it another go and see if it can register something I would say is true about me.

I think I can identify where it goes wrong for me.

"Now, do you think that lies are wrong, right, or neutral because they mean something about who you are?"

Yes. That is a part of it. I would venture that is a large part of it.

"That they are wrong because they in some way move you further from who you should be [...]"

I, what? I don't... how do we... que? Did the car swerve while I was lost in thought?

This is where it flies off into parts incomprehensible for me. I picked the growth-focused answer 100% because I focus a lot on self-improvement (and I'm now very concerned that my phone's keyboard wanted to slam "Self-Immolation" in there when I haven't thought about that in, I dunno, ever? Much less typed it!). Being a better person moment-to-moment informs a lot of my thinking.

While at the hypothetical party, my gut answer is "I don't want to talk to James, either, and will find a means to avoid it. If it means stepping out for a bit, that's what I'd do." The next-best answer is to do something that might be good for James, since I cannot get what I personally want here.

Virtue ethics is a new concept to me (or a new name, maybe). The idea that I would imagine someone who I would admire and try to do what they would choose to do feels alien. It feels like sneaking a glimpse into a mind from another world.


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This was a really fun idea! If you ever do it again, and it’s easy, could you add a comments section after each endpoint? I want to unpack whether I’m really comfortable as a SCAPUDE, but not in front of the regulars, that’d be weird.

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Sep 10, 2022·edited Sep 10, 2022

I got CARTMAN, and I think it's because the game conflated two things that I see as very different:

* "When I do lie, it is usually for my own benefit" (true)

* "I frequently lie for my own benefit" (false).

The possibility that I just don't lie very much seems to have been overlooked.

What is actually the case is that I consider myself a consequentialist, think that in practice lying is rarely consequentially justified, and also really dislike lying; but I am morally imperfect and sometimes do lie for my own benefit anyway, even while knowing it is (probably) wrong.

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Well, I scored GETSOMETHICKERSKINYOUCOWARD, but I suspect this is really just because you presumed people really could be categorized as consequentialists, virtue ethicists, or deontologists. Even if you think there are only those three flavors, a person could be less than 50% of each one - but I doubt those are even the only flavors worth considering. For example, what would Sun Tzu say? Probably:

* One should not lie to one's superiors.

* One should avoid lying to members of your group.

* One should never hesitate to deceive one's enemies.

Is Sun Tzu a Virtue Ethicist? Deontologist? A Consequentialist?

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I feel like right away I felt unfairly pigeonholed. Specifically, I was asked whether some things carry their wrongness with them AND whether lying is one of those things. I think some things do that but lying isn't one of them.

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Minor heads-up that you have what looks like a copy/paste error on one of the choices (both options say 'of course I don't') Guess I can't include a screenshot, and I don't recall the path to it, but it's the "mentat" page.

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I am very bad at remembering how moral systems are defined, so I appreciate this. I got:

"You are a scales-of-good pure deontologist.

Your funny coded category name is SCAPUDE."

What is up with the category names? Am I missing some type of philosophy in-joke?

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Probably my stupidity, but I don't understand the first choice:

"No, I don't think morality works off an abstract list like that.

Yes, that's how morality works; some wrong things carry their wrongness with them."

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I am SCAPUDE, or a scales-of-good pure deontologist, according to this. In reality, my brain is more of a collection of modules, each representing different somewhat self-consistent points of view. The modules compete against each other to see which one is most appropriate to a given situation. So I kind of had to pick a module (or at least a starting module) and go with it for the quiz. On my second go-round (where I got stuck) I was getting classified as a consequentialist. What's funny is I think I might really be a virtue ethicist. I don't know. Morality is confusing.

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On my second go-round, I ran into 'There is no page named "conpsychic"' on the page that starts, "OK, thanks for bearing with me. We are now properly and fully on the consequentialist track." (In other words, one of the links didn't exist and couldn't be chosen.)

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I find Coda.io perfect for this type of experiment. Super easy to setup and makes the process visual and engaging through button-actions.

Happy to chat about its potential if you like. I'm currently building a game to demonstrate a work/self management app.

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I think lying is inherently bad but it’s not a sort of rule that should never ever be violated. The consequences can matter. I think my position is unusual but not inconsistent. You don’t have to add another branch, just mentioning it.

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Aug 17, 2022·edited Aug 17, 2022

Cool quiz! I have a group chat where I send my friends obscure personality quizzes when I get the chance, and this went to the chat after the very first page. The most common critique was that the quiz too often seems to equate "believing there are some actions which are always wrong" with "believing lying is always wrong," particularly on the first page.

Also, "THISGOTHEAVY" has a typo for Sikh.

I am GETSOMETHICKERSKINYOUCOWARD. One of my friends is CONCAVE. A second got either CARTMAN or THISGOTHEAVY. The third also got THISGOTHEAVY. (I might update later if more of my friends wake up and take it)

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This is great! You're writing is delightful, I'm having a lot of fun going through all the paths now that I've found my One True Category (REALITYSVIRTUAL). Will definitely share with friends.

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Yeah! So cool!

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