Right now, i'm dealing with some INTENSE family drama. There is a person who I believe will go to practically any extreme (like the guy in Moby Dick? or Gollum?) to make things play out in a certain way.

And I've got... EPISTEMOLOGY-themed problems!!

#1: How do I know I'm not being overly-paranoid about this person? (#1b: How do I know I'm not getting overly-attached to a given theory of specific things they WILL do?)

#2: What tools are good for usefully conveying a sense of what's going on "right here on the ground" to another family member? (Critical Ally) What's going on "reads as" really pathological! But Critical Ally sees humans as generally good! Also, CA reflexively (and sometimes unthinkingly) questions tons of the assertions I make. (I made backwards progress in this dept. today, so it's on my mind.) Critical Ally has trouble accepting these things are really & truly happening within in our family. Lastly, our politics is poles apart. We're family though, love each-other, and need to be united on this front!

I know I'm being SUPER-vague; this is a situation that RC (and a few friends who read him!) are more acquainted with the details about... and RC has been praying about it like an absolute fiend. (wait--bad comparison!?)

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Meditations is, er, kind of dull. If it is stoic (well epicurean) philosophy you want then The Nature of Things is very rich. See Greenblatt’s excellent (though not universally loved) The Swerve for a commentary on this. Or even better check out his appearance on this (coughs modestly) excellent podcast!


And I believe it was me that recommended The Siege of Krishnapur AND the Winter King so please everyone throw your weight behind these. There is always next time!

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