Two things: mild depression can feel so much like getting sick. Why don’t more people point that out? Also, the talking too much. I get it; I married an introvert, and my extreme extrovertness has been mellowed by that, mothering seven children, and having good introvert friends. It’s a funny fact that introverts can word dump with the best; they just do it with one person, where extroverts dump with twenty or two hundred. Talkers of the world unite. 🙂

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I appreciate the plug! It surprised me that you enjoyed that specific article as it’s my most dense, but I’m glad you did!

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I'm just starting out on my Substack, so I don't expect to plug this link but would love comments on how to improve. I'm trying to chronicle my observations on Japan as a non Japanese speaker.


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Thanks for the plug, and for the kind words about my voice and style!

I'll keep praying for your job hunt and for your mood.

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Your wife works right? It's going to be ok in the long run. Keep your head on straight and focus on your family. You can do it.

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First, thanks for remembering how bad it is that "you can’t be seen by those guys until you have readers who share your stuff and you can’t get readers until they share you"

The fact that social media make this much harder than before is exactly why one month ago I started here on Substack "Just an invitation to... "

"(re-) fill your brain with great ideas, mostly but not always about technology that has become, whether we like it or not, as impossible to ignore, as it is misused"

because Y"OUR rights and quality of life depend every year more on how software in all its forms, including robots, cryptcurrencies and AI, is used AROUND you"

The link is https://mfioretti.substack.com . Thanks for your attention, and hope to meet you all there.

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Sorry to hear about the depression thing. I've been there, hell still am there on and off, and it it's definitely the sort of thing that feeds on itself. Worse is when you feel to tired and sick/listless to get things done, which is one of the big reasons you are depressed.

If you ever want someone to chatter/email with about it, drop me a line sometime. Sometimes some kvetching does the trick for a bit :)

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Okay, it took a bit for me to figure out how to get her...which is me saying I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I manage. Anyway, I love that you want to help those of us who have small followings. I'm sitting with 126 followers as of right now. But I'm here for the long haul. I write fiction. I have short stories that are long and drawn out. I have a novella, and a serial novel I wrote for the NaNoWriMo challenge last November. I write about things that interest me. I have a lot of interests. Just today, I put up my first section of a new serialized novel that takes place in the days of yore...King Arthur. It's behind the paywall. I'm excited about it. I put up the Table of Contents to give people the opportunity to see where I hope it goes. I have stories about the Mau Mau, the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, two gangsters in New York during the 20s, an old boxer, my two tiered novella is about a painting that takes place in both World Wars. I hope you take the time to look at what I have to offer, and maybe even subscribe. The stories are FREE...sort of. (After two months they go into the archives, locked behind the paywall.) I put my FREE stories up on Sunday nights, After 8. My serials and novels go up on Wednesdays.

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Aw thanks.

So that you have more time for that freelance work, I'll write mine for you.

Isha Yiras Hashem, which means "a woman who fears G-d" in Hebrew, interrogates perfect strangers about idolatry and Nebuchadnezzar, when she is not atoning for her sins by traveling with her kids, caring for chickens, writing amusing summaries of the news, trying to get people to criticize her, writing silly stories about Jewish holidays, or reading Biblical commentaries. She has composed two modesty songs so far, which are both the most popular of their

genre, which puzzles her, because people have to get bored of listening to romance songs all the time. (This is a joke.)

Isha Yiras Hashem is happy to trade subscriptions with anyone whose work does not offend her spiritual sensibilities. (That means she will subscribe to you if you subscribe to her and tell her you want to trade subscriptions.) At the moment, Isha Yiras Hashem is supposed to be cleaning for Passover, but you can easily cheer her up by subscribing, since she gets an email every time someone subscribes, and every subscription makes her feel just a tiny bit more important on the Internet.

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Thank you so much for your offer of sop port! If I ever get a critical mass of followers; I’ll do the same. I’ve been doing this for years and love helping new writers.

However, most of my writing has been freelance assignment across a huge range of industries. This is the first time I’m writing purely for myself and my efforts at self-promotion have been predictably fruitless.

My Substack is 50ish With a Full Nest, and it covers a range of tropics -- just like my life.

I’m particularly proud of my most recent post: “Conspiracy Theorist” is now a term to gaslight people who ask unpopular questions.” It’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek put makes some good points. I’d love it if you’d share either my Substack or that post. Thank you so much.

Patti Podnar

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Hey, we disagree on some really big stuff no doubt, but we also agree on other big stuff! I definitely believe Jesus was the Son of God, and performed miracles, and resurrected, as in, that literally happened, not in some weird analogical way or something. Though I do doubt somewhat, and I would still consider him the Son of God even if he never performed any miracles: the strength of his teaching is enough.

Those were some cool links, so thanks for that! You know even if I have sub-100 subscribers, that's still enough motivation to write. I get likes from other writers on occasion, which is quite meaningful, and I can get over 10,000 views on reddit by pasting the text directly there instead of linking to the blog, which is pretty damn satisfying.

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