> Jacob, the guy who runs it, is not literally the worst person I know.

Wait someone else beat me? What do I need to do to get my spot back, start sending you more dead fish in the mail?

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Your subtitle just reminded me why I subscribe to this substack, in spite of disagreeing with a large proportion of what you post. (Plus, you give me a look at one group of people a long way from my local bubble.)

Re #1 and #2 - don't forget internet Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Bahai, Pagans, agnostics, and whoever else I forgot to mention ;-)

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Proposed taxonomy of Substack:

-People who are well-known in their own right and are using Substack like a longform twitter or their own private literary journal (Joyce Carol Oates, Patti Smith, Salman Rushdie, Jeff Tweedy, Teegan and Sara, etc., etc.). Their audiences do not often bleed into other Substack publications; if they do, it is entirely by accident.

--People who are in the orbit of Scott Alexander. Scott's influential voice inspired many disciples to do the same thing. Commentary on Scott's writings is a regular feature here. Their audiences frequently subscribe to several of these newsletters but for the most part consist of readers, not writers.

-People who hang out on Substack's Office Hours threads. There are a very diverse group, but they are all writing, all hustling, and all subscribing to each other's Substacks.

It's very likely I've missed some other extremely large and important group. Also, I don't know where to put people like Heather Cox Richardson who just showed up out of nowhere, started writing, and became instantly popular. I'm fascinated by how the Substack ecosystem is evolving and would like to get my head around it as much as I can. Any thoughts?

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*notices discussion thread* UwU wut’s dis? *nuzzles* so smol wight now *licks* wet’s fix dat

I don’t know of many South American authors, but every time I try a work I usually enjoy it. Anyone have recommendations? I have read most of Borges’ fiction; 100 Years of Solitude; Gabriella, Clove and Cinnamon; and that’s it.

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that sadly porn review was dead wrong

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