Open Discussion It’s hard to do off-topic comments in articles that are specifically about something. If you want to ask me something or talk about…
Spoiler: I think it was a generally bad place to write
I tell you the hard-hitting numbers that matter to me more than you

December 2022

Cutting EAs Some Slack, and Marginal Moral Activity
Author’s note: I do not really write fiction. With the exception of a few video scripts I wrote years ago, I haven’t really written any fiction at all…

November 2022

Contra Contra Contra
Like pet cats, there are some articles you choose, while others choose you. This is one of the examples of an article that was foisted on me…
The other day Scott Alexander wrote a piece focusing on a few of the various jhana states of meditation. This falls pretty firmly into the category of…

October 2022

Because every once in a while I remember I'm supposed to do these
Note: This is a shorter article about being stressed out. It might stress you out; if you don’t want that, you might avoid it. I haven’t written in a…

September 2022

I have been described, in a negative way, as particularly “mercenary” compared to other writers. By this, the person meant that more of how I think…
(Author’s note: I have about fifty different friends who would all like this article to go in slightly different directions. They aren’t by any means…