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So, I've been real crappy about this, but it looks like the votes go like this:

Primary votes:

Benedict option: 2 and a half (not counting me)

Graeber: 1 (and one anti-vote, sort of?)

Meditations: 2 and a half

I think if I'm being fair here I go with Meditations, right? Because Benedict is religious, I feel like there might be some people who specifically don't want it. I'm down if that's the direction y'all want to go.

Also: Do we want a slack channel for this, or do you guys just want to do it in the comments, or?

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Actually, my reason to prefer Aurelius has nothing to do with religion. The Benedict option is a book I'd have to buy in order to read it, and I'm not committed enough to this book club to spend money on it. Aurelius is available for free in several places on the internet. Plus, I've been meaning to check out the Stoics anyway 🙂

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1. Benedict; 2. Gilead; 3. Graeber/Wengrow

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I already have Graeber/Wengrow and Ligotti in my TBR pile, would follow along with those picks.

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I don't think reading Graeber and Wengrow is a very good idea without context for who and what they're responding to. Reading it alongside or after another big history book might be a good idea, but not as the inaugural book of a club.

I recommend reading The Benedict Option.

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I'd be interested in Aurelius' meditations.

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